The Sounds

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For eighteen years The Sounds has been one of the most talked about and one of the biggest bands on the Swedish music scene. With Maja Ivarsson in the lead the band has built a big fan-crew even in other countries around the world. Maja Ivarsson, Felix Rodriguez, Johan Bengtsson and Fredrik Nilsson created the band in 1999, and later Jesper Anderberg joined the group. Both indie rock and punk, with elements of synthesizers and electric guitars, influence The Sounds music. A least-known unique Swedish band with a devoted fan culture.

If you haven’t heard “Living in America” you probably have been living under a rock since 2002. With "Living in America" they won the prize “Bästa nykomling” on Grammis and the success led to the band being introduced to the states. Since then they have been touring with other bands like Foo Fighters, The Strokes, Mandio Diao and many more.

The Sounds have during their living years released five albums and has made many appearances in American television. Their latest album, “Weekend”, was released in October 2013. ”Their latest single ”Thrill” was followed by a victory lap throughout North America, playing numerous sold out shows on the American continent.

The killer EP “The Tales That We Tell” was released 16 of June 2017. In the summer of 2017 The Sounds went on a festival tour, both in Sweden and in Spain. This winter the band is going on tour again, this time in Sweden.