Little Jinder on Så mycket bättre

Our Label mate Little Jinder did something pretty awesome on Swedish television this weekend.
She did a and feministic take on Tommy Nilssons repulsive ballad "Vill du ha sex med mig?", twisting the message of the song by performing in dress with the word "slut" written on it in numerous languages. Challenging,to say the least.

Published 10.24.16

New Carli video!

A magical video for Carli ft. Duvchi single ”Reppin’” is now among us! It's three minutes of teenage friendship, trains and suburbs and is totally worth to get further acquainted with.

Directors: Sami Josefsson & Woody Hackzell
Foto: Sami Josefsson & Rikard Jarl
Edit: Lucien Garin

Published 10.22.16


YES, INVSN's new jaw breaking and face-frying single ”Immer Zu” is out TODAY!
It was produced by Adam "Atom" Greenspan and is the band's first track with Sara Almgren on lead vocals.
Turned out to be a stroke of genius!
It’s available on all digital streaming services, link to Spotify provided below.

Published 10.21.16

Silvana x Håkan

Boom, idag kör vi ett fett surprise-släpp! En remix av Du Fria från Håkans senaste skiva ”Du Gamla Du Fria”, i tung tolkning av bästa Silvana Imam.

- Det känns fint att en av dom som inspirerat mig i mitt skrivande är den jag gör en låt med idag. Också mäktigt att kunna avsluta det här händelserika året med Håkan. Boma Ye! /Silvana Imam

Lyssna på Håkan Hellström & Silvana Imam - Du Fria (Nisj remix) här:

Published 10.21.16

"The story of Skinhead"

The supremely strong documentary ”The Story of Skinhead” just got up on Youtube the other day!

It’s a BBC Documentary directed by British film maker and video director Don Letts, who was also a legendary reggae DJ at the club Roxy in London’s punk scene back in the days.

This documentary explores one of the strangest contradictions of pop culture: how could a movement so thrall in Jamaican music become so affiliated in the public’s mind with racism?
It’s a full hour of fascinating stories, well worth diggin’ into.

Published 10.19.16