Beatles på svenska is out today!

This release day ain’t over yet, Beatles på Svenska is now with us!

We’ve collected some of the best and most supreme Swedish The Beatles covers from the 60’s.
It’s a vinyl release only and comes in 299 very limited ex.

This ain’t the actual artwork, but you could see it in our webshop where you just happen to be able to buy the record as well. Get one here!

Published 09.23.16

New Jonas Bergsten single

Jonas Bergsten’s new indie banger "Jimmie Jimmie Jimmie” is out TODAY!
Spin it all you like over at Spotify or treat yourself with a mp3 on iTunes.

Published 09.23.16


Stoked about all the abundant love and praise for bob hund’s ”Dödliga klassiker"!
Give it a spin if you haven’t already, it’s an excellent listen.

Published 09.22.16

Andreas Mattsson - Solnedgången

Here it is, the eye indulging artwork for Andreas Mattsson's new album "Solnedgången"!

It’s out on October 14th, but you could thank yourself later by pre-ordering already

Trust us, it’s gonna be worth it!

Published 09.20.16


The stunning and very almighty record ”Beatles på svenska” is out this FRIDAY, but up for pre-orders already!

Many seems to have forgotten, but in the 60’s there were loads of great The Beatles covers in Swedish done.
The diversity is truly amazing and for the first time we’ve collected some of the very best of ’em on the same record.

They come in 299 copies only, pre-grab it here!

Published 09.19.16