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F.N.Y is emotional electropop/ R’n’B in Swedish and it vibrates of intimacy and honesty.
Behind F.N.Y stands the producer and songwriter Fanny Hultman. Through her music she expresses her thoughts on sexual freedom, acceptance and how to get out of a role you’ve been giving based on your gender.
She’s been opening act for artists like LÉON and compared to artists like Veronica Maggio.

Her debut EP “4 april till 3 juni” was released on the 3rd of June last year and consists of songs that she wrote during those dates after a break up on the 4th of April. ”Fridhemsplan” is the track that wasn’t on the EP and on the 2nd of December it was released.

F.N.Y is current with her latest single ”Silvana”, a song about how someone thought she reminded of Silvana Imam and the rest of that story ended with a broken heart.

The characteristics of F.N.Y is how she uses a lot of the Stockholm spirit and everyday details, to show the listeners her personal thoughts.