Sammy & Johnny Bennett

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The video and song ”5DF” with Sammy & Johnny Bennett dropped like a bomb on the Swedish rap scene in the spring of 2016. The word about the brothers and the Tu5en collective (where producer Filip Hunter is also one of the members) spread like a wildfire and it didn’t take long until media and labels where all over them. Since the release of their debut EP ”Hundra80” in the summer of 2016, the chorus of praise for their flow, rhythm and attitude has just continued to grow.

When Sammy & Johnny played RMH Bloc Party and The Green Door Project on Nobelberget in Stockholm in 2016, they were described by Dagens Nyheter as the highlight of the evening.
The critic wrote that ”they’re sparking with energy, delivering machine-gun lyrics and the interaction between the brothers, how seamless they glide in and out of each other’s verses, makes the live show shine even brighter.” and ”Tu5en feels like the future of Swedish rap: a minimalistic, not-so chord driven sound which makes it bounce without sounding like pop. I surrender to the experience…”

On Sweden’s most prestigious music award Grammis, they were rightfully rewarded ”Best newcomer” in 2017. Their debut album “ST.RECK” was released July 7 this year, an album that is likely to set sky-high standards for a new wave of Swedish hiphop. It consists of 8 tracks with dynamic sound and playful and confident lyrics.

Sammy & Johnny Bennett played at Gagnef festival, the celebrated club Trädgården and one of Sweden’s biggest festivals Way Out West in the summer of 2017.