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It all happened at once - it is official that the legendary shadow figure Mouthe has teamed up with Woah Dad! 

Now that Swedish House Mafia officially’s called it quits and Avicii is no longer playing live, it’s time for Mouthe to step forward and enter the limelight. He’s played a part behind some of the biggest music productions of our time, such as 2pac and Amy Winehouse. 
When the b-side Hallelujah was leaked over av Nest HQ, it resulted in 20k spins in a few days time. Mouthe’s alluring, dark and irresistible electro-rap is a piece of work that pulses with confidence, written by someone in the obvious right to self-assured.
In addition to the single, there was also the release of the much talked-of and hyped Mouthe Game, which has been internationally acclaimed for it’s innovative concept of presenting and interacting with the fans.

Mouthe’s single ”Trouble” was released on Woah Dad on April 9th. It’s the first, but definitely not the last you’ll hear of him.

They’re way-way-way above average writing — all signs of a project, in its initial stages, that is about to fully take off. Their style is like a blend of Captain Murphy and Modeselektor, where hazy sonics built from impressive synth textures meet memorable hooks.”Nest HQ

This electro-based hip-hop jumps out at you with its spooky harmonics, dark vocals and razor-sharp panning. Praised by the likes of Skrillex, this no-info act certainly has a bright future ahead of him...It? Them? Does it matter? Probably not.” - Noisey