Maria Andersson

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Maria Andersson has put a gold lining on Swedish pop and rock music for two decades as a front woman in Sahara Hotnights, but now she’s flying solo for the first time to develop something that is entirely her own: the music of Maria. The first single “End of Conversation” was released in February and has been hyped and played actively ever since it premiered. Her first soloalbum ”Succession” was released in 27 April 2016.

Her first soloalbum “Succession” was released in April 27, 2016. “That energetic, but sometimes quite pressured and strained, the tone of the past is replaced with sweet, soft and cool elegance that suits texts sadness and thoughts of loss, grief and uncertainty about where you are going when you have so long been part of a natural context.” – Mattias Dahlström, DN.

”I wanted it to be an untamed but soft album! I’ve been listening to a great deal of 60’s pop, like Francoise Hardy and Evie Sands. And as always; John Cale, The Go-Betweens and added some Manchester sounds to that cocktail” - Maria Andersson

On January 13, 2017, she released the new single “Runaway”, which she played live at Musikhjälpen in the end of 2016 and this spring she played at the Swedish Grammis.