We've got a few copies left of The Tarantula Waltz's EP LYNX printed in limited edition in our webshop, just for you guys. These are the last copies that we are selling for a special price! Transparent vinyl has never sounded so good...

Published 07.07.15


Our first T-Shirts came, saw, conquered and sold out before we could ever put them on a shelf. Congratulations to all of you who secured one. To the rest of you- DO NOT FRET, new T-Shirts are in print as we speak!! We will let you know as soon as we get our hands on them! In the mean time you can ask us to reserve one via our facebook.

Published 07.06.15


Today is 4th of July, and while most of you might be doing BBQ and Budweiser, here we've been all about Elvis and Easy Rider. Is there anything more American than Elvis? Seriously, the man even got fat! We love him at any size, especially when singing "Dixie", mmm...

Published 07.04.15


Our witchy woman Nicole Sabouné is working on a new album (look out, november!), and let me just tell you IT'S GOOD, FOLKS. SO GOOD. We made some stickers for the occasion, get in touch with us if you want some!

Published 07.03.15


It's summer and the moon is full. We don't ever need a reason to listen to Neil Young, but if we did those would be two pretty good ones. Harvest Moon is on heavy rotation on the record player these days and I thought I'd share the video in case you haven't seen it - because sometimes all you need is a man and his guitar.

Published 07.01.15