Take off to another world with Hashish

We are so pleased to announce that Hashish has signed with Woah Dad!

Let these sounds transport you into a forgotten world where the future looked different from what it became.

This is top class psychedelia that definitely takes the genre to a new level with a sophisticated approach to an afro-funk groove accompanied by dreamy and playful melodies that goes by a spectrum from Scandinavian Occult Psychedelia to Minimal Synth and Surreal Electronic Soul.

The First single "Outer Spaced/The Smell Of Hashish" was released on Subliminal Sounds earlier this year, and the A-side will be released on Woah Dad! as a split together with RAN in early December, pre orders are however already available -here!-

Hashish is the answer.

Published 11.27.15


This is the new stars on the currently and ever so brightly sparkeling hip hop sky. Together this brand new duo of Gonza-Ra (Random Bastards) and Arvid Lundquist (Tjuvjakt) will take the lead in the new trap-wave. Knock yourselves out!

Published 11.27.15


Vita Bergen had Musikguiden i P3 knockin at their door last night and surprised them with a Justin Bieber cover along their own brilliance. Enjoy!

Published 11.26.15

Little Jinder

Tip of the week! Our friend Little Jinder are throwing a party at Nobelberget for her new video this Friday and it's gearing up to be a big one! Klick here for info guys!

Published 11.26.15


It´s time for another sample from I AM DRUM before we release it tomorrow! This time we give you HEAVY proto-disco from Burkina Faso back from 1976 Bazambo - Kombissé!

Do yourself a favor and make sure not to miss the releaseparty at Södra Teatern tomorrow, klick here for Tickets!

On Kombissé, drummer extraordinaire and singer Georges Ouédraogo invites to respect tradition. This track stands as one of the best song from the Bozambo discography and it is a strong early Afro-disco track. It was also his swan song with Bozambo as Georges Ouédraogo had moved on to a solo career by 1978. Nicknamed « national candaogo » (« prodigy »), Ouédraogo was one of the staple of Voltaic music, having started his career with Volta Jazz in the late 1960’s. With Kombissé he had reached new heights.

Published 11.25.15