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Published 11.17.17

Woah Dad! Takes International leap

- Superstars join our music family

Today, it’s announced that Swedish Music House, Woah Dad! (yes that’s us) is the new home to legendary artists such as Estelle, Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers, Stina Nordenstam and Ronnie Wood.

-”The artists are interested in our expertise in music streaming and our new approach to music rights. They want someone who look at their music with a fresh pair of eyes. Our vision is to make music available to more people, on more platforms; in new ways”, says Woah Dad!

Background When Warner Music Group (WMG) acquired Parlophone Label Group (PLG) in 2013, it struck a voluntary agreement with independent label bodies Impala and Merlin to offer a proportion of the WMG catalogue for divestment to the independent sector. The process, which concluded at the end of September, was designed to help and bring more scale to this sector.

What are the artists’ catalogues that were acquired by Woah Dad? International artists ranging from R&B star Estelle to Ronnie Wood and Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers. Along with British pop star Jamelia, one of the world's best hard rock vocalists Serj Tankian, New York hardcore legends Sick Of It All, Mexican rockers Motel, alternative pioneers Throwing Muses, cultband Soul Coughing, indie rockers Surfer Blood, metal band Coal Chamber and soul prophet Don Covay. These global artists are now joining our extended family together with Swedish legends such as Stina Nordenstam, Håkan Hellström, Broder Daniel, Caesars, Deportees, Bad Cash Quartet, Wilmer X, Totta Näslund, The Sounds and The Ark.

Woah Dad! is a music house with artists at the center. We partner up with artists to realize their vision and enable their music to be heard by as many people as possible. Woah Dad! is founded by A&R veterans Klas Lunding and Ismail Samie (with over 60 Grammy’s over the years) together with festival and live music experts Joel Borg and Niklas Lundell. Woah Dad! is also home to a new generation of artists such as Swedish Grammy Award winners Sammy and Johnny Bennett, Dolores Haze, Esther Vallee, Little Jinder, Amerykhan and Mouthe, to name a few.

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Published 11.15.17

Lagerrensning av Håkanmerch!

Har du en Håkantröja du minns som du inte har kvar? Den där du gav till en kille på krogen för att ni insåg att ni vart på samma spelning? Eller som du tappade när ni badade på midsommar? Glömde du den i tältet ni lämnade kvar på en festival? Snodde ditt ex den när ni gjorde slut?

Hursomhelst har vi grävt i ett lager igen. Vi har hittat lite kartonger med gammal merch som inte är särskilt aktuell, men som vi vill ge fansen chans att köpa för en billig penning. Det här är billigtbilligtbilligt och en ren lagerrens. Det som inte säljs går till återvinningskvarnen så här är sista chansen.

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Published 11.10.17

J.O.N on the radio show Rock n Roll Manifesto in the US!

J.O.N’s debut single was played on the radio show Rock n Roll Manifesto in the US on Wednesday! Teenage Alcoholic is “fucking killer” according to the host Greg Lonesome! It starts at 32:20, listen to it here!

Link to the post here here!

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Published 11.10.17

Mouthe on Beats 1, Apple Music

Mouthe "Let The Boy Live" on Beats 1 on Apple Music - Today, Thursday, 11.09.2017 @ 6:55PM EST

Tune in and listen here!

Published 11.09.17