Vita Bergen

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Just a few months have past since Vita Bergen released their debut EP and they have already an impressive track record. They have been touring in Germany, Switzerland and Finland, performed at packed illegal parties, charted no 1 on iTunes in Sweden and sold out the respected venue Pustervik in their hometown Gothenburg. Several influential music magazines, such as NME, Vice and Clash Magazine, have acknowledged their self-titled EP. Vita Bergen’s music style can be described as melodically wavelike indie pop with influences from electronic music. The EP, based on the initial home made demos, is recorded and produced by the duo behind the band, William Hellström and Robert Jallinder. Vita Bergen’s first ever live show took place in 2013. Since then they have created a reputation of being one of Sweden’s most interesting live bands, with a history of getting injured on stage. The live band, consisting of eight people including two unrestrained front figures make their live show a must-see in 2015.

William and Robert, the duo behind Vita Bergen initially met when they crashed each other’s parties in their teenage years. In high school they eventually became friends and after graduation they both decided to leave their hometown to attend Stockholm school of economics. Once there they found each other as they both felt like outsiders, leading to a relationship revolving around creating music. After a while it became unavoidable that they were going to start a band together.

In 2010 Vita Bergen was born. Robert and William resigned from everything called social life to put all their focus on writing new music. Soon they also decided to quit university and move back to Gothenburg. After three years of song writing they collected literally all their friends who could by any means play an instrument and formed their live band. In August 2013 Vita Bergen performed their first ever live show and immediately the offers from record labels started to come in. Despite given possibilities to work with well-known producers they chose to use their own demo recordings and gave them away for mixing to Simon Nordberg (Les Big Byrd, Britney Spears, Håkan Hellström). When the debut EP ”Vita Bergen EP” was released in October 2014 it went straight to the top of iTunes album chart in Sweden.

In the end of 2014 the band toured as support band for Swedish Markus Krunegård and squeezed in a trip to Finland to do a few headline shows. 2015 kicked off with acclaimed gigs in Germany and Switzerland. In February they reached a personal goal when they sold out a headline show in their hometown Gothenburg. Vita Bergen has quickly grown a strong fan base and several important outlets from the music press have praised their music. Clash Magazine described them as ”one of Sweden’s underground success stories”. Many Swedish and foreign radio stations have playlisted them and the blog ”Beehype” listed their first single ”Curtains” as one of the best Swedish songs of 2014. Especially characteristic for the Vita Bergen is their energetic and emotional live shows. With an eight person strong live band including two charismatic front men, anything can happen. And anything has happened: from concussions to iron nails stuck in feet.