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Few other bands than INVSN have better conducted the heritage of the now legendary 90’s hardcore scene in Umeå.

It’s members have come together from a wide variety of influential Swedish bands. Sara Almgren hail from Masshysteri, Christina Karlsson from Tiger Forest Cat, Anders Stenberg is also a member of Deportees, André Sandström was in DS-13 and Dennis Lyzxén started out in the mythological punk outfit Refused.

INVSN has always had a political message, but few other songwriters have the ability to add additional dimensions of existential struggle and soul-searching like Dennis Lyxzén. In our time, when many moral and deeply humanistic values are being challenged by right-wing movements all over the world, INVSN is a necessary outcry from a counter-culture that has far from given up. Their music might be rich in anger, but the belief that a change could be carried out is never far away.

October 21, INVSN released their first single since 2013 ”Immer Zu”, which also is their first track with Sara Almgren on vocals. On “Immer Zu”, INVSN once again shows why they’re the vanguard of Swedish post-punk. It pulses of repressed anger and frustration and is a targeted punch in the face of our mendacious society. ”Immer Zu” was the track that would leave its mark on the upcoming album.

“The Beautiful stories” was released on February 10 and is their first album in English, except the English version of “INVSN” from 2015. The precision of the composition of the album is the proof of the development in the band and during the time of making this fourth album the INVSN members have been touring with other bands like Deportees, Lykke Li, Refused etc.

“The Beautiful Stories” has been acclaimed by critics and thirsty fans and has also been played a lot on Swedish radio. Their fourth album is a new side of INVSN, old fans will get nostalgic but also hear the new industrial sound.

With their new album in the back, INVSN is touring around Sweden during the spring of 2017. They are this fall on tour in the US, Canada and Germany.