Bob Hund

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It's no shame to say that Bob Hund is the best and most interesting rock band in Sweden. They've been the cutting edge of Swedish music ever since singer Thomas Öberg jumped ”5 meter upp i luften" back in 1991 and with their unconditionally wicked and flamin' rock music, they'd pulverize 99% of every other band when seen on stage. The fact that they also was one of the first rock bands to sing in Swedish, despite that it wasn’t cool at all, they have really been one of the keystones in Swedish rock music.

26 years might be old for a dog, but in 2017 they're still breaking new musical grounds and redefining what rock music can and should be in the 21st century.

They've sold practically everything; hot dogs, beer and their own instruments, they’ve written and performed an opera and opened up their own museum. They’re a band that never rests, and during the spring of 2017 they were on tour in Scandinavia.

Bob Hund signed with Woah Dad! in 2016 and has gone from their borrowing years to a new age of sharing. The irresistibly groovy and contagious single "Brooklyn Salsa" was released March 11 followed by a long tour and a well performed show at Allsång på Skansen. The fact that Bob Hund is a dog that never sleeps, they finished the year of 2016 by playing at Debaser Medis in Stockholm on New Years Eve. They were the first band to play at Debaser Medis when it took off 2002 and they were the last band to play there, closed circle.

August 12 they released their second single from the latest album, “Din piñata”. On 7 of April Bob Hund released a new version of the song “Hjärtskärande rätt” with Silja Sol. Short after the band played at Tivoli in Copenhagen. During the summer they toured around Sweden, Norway and Denmark. September 16, their new album “Dödliga Klassiker” was released.