Andreas Mattsson

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Andreas Mattsson began his musical career in the legendary Swedish indie band Popsicle in the early 90's and later in the duo Sweet Chariots. Andreas Mattsson has ever since distinguished himself as one of the country’s most eminent melody makers.

In 2006 his first solo album was released, ”The lawlessness of the ruling classes”. His third studio album was released October 14 2016 in his own name, ”Solnedgången”, an album that came to life in Austin, Texas.

Andreas Mattsson says about the album: ”I was there to evaluate a future scholarship, in a place called House of Songs. Two weeks in the spring and for two weeks in the fall of 2014. Met almost no one, read, played guitar, wrote, played piano, ate, was homesick, drank. Never been so productive in my life. 17 songs in 28 days. In Swedish.”

These 17 songs became ”Solnedgången”, which is his first album in Swedish. ”Solnedgången” is a collection of delicately crafted by a true grandmaster on the pop subject. Reviewers have compared this album with how the music sounded during the time of Popsicle, that it is in the same class and with a touch of electronica.