amerykhan - Nasha!

Did you miss the premiere of Nasha? Check out this interview with amerykhan and catch up on some listening!


Published 11.01.17

Teenage Alcoholic

Check out this article about J.O.Ns single Teenage Alcoholic!!!


Published 11.01.17

J.O.N - Bringing Back The Dough (Debutalbum)

- Remember the 24th of November! -

J.O.N will also play two shows in correlation to the release of his debut album! Don't miss out on hearing the songs live! Limited ammount of tickets here!


Published 10.30.17

J.O.N’s debut single now available on Spotify and iTunes!

Jon says “Teenage Alcoholic” was inspired by a friend’s comment; “Of course I want a beer, I’m a teenage alcoholic!”. This became the theme of the song, someone pretending to be drunk and counter culture when they are not. A snapshot of youth wrapped up in fast, catchy punk rock. Listen to J.O.N’s debut single “Teenage Alcoholic” here! Punk’s not dead – it just smells funny.

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Published 10.27.17

PREMIERE of amerykhan’s debut singel ”Nasha”

amerykhan’s debut is a cab ride through Lahore where the driver’s playing soul mixtapes, the view feels a lot like downtown NYC and the destination is Gothenburg, Sweden. You are invited to join the ride, listen to the premiere of the single “Nasha” here!

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Published 10.23.17