Esther Vallee at Lydmar Music

Esther Vallee comes out swinging at Lydmar Music on June 19.

This is your chance to get knocked out by Esther before the world steals her away and the only way to see her perfom will be in the superbowl halftime show.

FBevent link here

Published 06.14.17

Dolores Haze in a glossy mag

Dolores Haze was featured in the new issue of The Forumist.

Read the words, look at the photos and feel the power.

Full article here

Published 06.13.17

bob hund on TV

bob hund​ & Silja Sol​ guested Norwegian national TV channel TV2 last week.

Watch their stunning performance of "Hjerteskerende rett" below!

Published 06.12.17

Vita Bergen's new album "Retriever" out now!

Happy release day, Vita Bergen’s new album ”Retriever” is out now! 
It’s up on all major streaming services and also comes on vinyl.

"If there is one hot candidate for Best Indiepop Album of the Year, then it is the second album from Vita Bergen" – Sonic Seducer Magazine

Listen on Spotify
Or oniTunes

Published 06.02.17


Videon till Håkan Hellströms ”Jag Utan Dig” finns ute nu.
”Det här är en vacker liten kortfilm om det finaste som finns – kärlek” berättar Håkan själv om musikvideon. .
Video av: Acne/Simon Appel/Jennie Ekström

Published 06.02.17